Things A Baby Needs List

baby care tips

Newborn baby needs good stuff, make sure you choose the correct things a baby needs list.


baby-room-ideasMom you need to breastfeeding your baby for 2 hours. because breast milk contains antibodies that can’t be engineered. Mom keep taking prenatal vitamins, get ample calcium, and drink at least 64 ounces of water a day while nursing. A new mom needs to stay well hydrated and well fed.

2. diapers

change baby diapers every 4 hours and use olive oil for you baby but

things a baby needs

best baby stroller with car seat

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Things A Baby Needs List

5 Reasons to Adopt Animals Better Than Buy

save-animalHave pets was very pleasant. Animals can become best friends and can be a stress reliever as well. Instead of buying, it would be much better if we adopt an animal.

Many stray animals in this world for many reasons. This stray animals often die of starvation, illness or killed for disturbing the environment. Fortunately some could be saved and living in shelters. There they were treated and fed until there are people who want to make their pets.
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In an animal shelter can accommodate about 300 animals. They all were definitely need a host. Well, for us who wanted to have a pet, one way could be by way of adopting animals from this shelter home.

Guaranteed health

One of the advantages of adopting an animal from a shelter, and health care is guaranteed. Most of the animals there usually has been sterilized and vaccinated in order to baseball transmit the disease to her friends. We, too, so we do not need to worry while maintain it.

Ras hardiness

Each walks into a pet shop, we’ll often exasperated by animals of various races were sold was so funny. Well, if our intention is to keep animals, unnecessary animal particular race, right? Non animal races we can also pelihara.Jenis even relatively resilient animals. In terms of treatment and food was easier and cheaper. They can be smart and funny animal if trained race.

Price savers

If we buy animals in pet shop, a purebred puppies could reach Rp2-5 million. While at the animal shelter, we just pay the cost of vaccination around Rp300-400 thousand. If the budget is limited, we can pay less. Since the purpose of the shelter is to provide a home for stray animals, noble really, right? Live animals we choose what fits with the condition of the house and also our character.

Puppy mill

Ever hear the term puppy mill or a puppy farm? This is a special breeding purebred dogs for sale. Because the goal is sold, so the priority is profit. They usually live in overcrowded cages and baseball worthy condition. Once they are big enough, then sold in pet shops. In Europe and Amrik, many campaign against puppy mills, you know. So once again, be careful if you want to buy a dog in a pet shop. Likewise, if we buy a dog in the street that is placed in cages for hours and fed potluck for the sake of the revenue gain. If we stop buying animals and choose adoption, dog sales certainly like it was a long time will be reduced.

Adoption of rare animals

In addition to adopting the animals that we can take home and be a friend, we can also adopt a rare animal. Of course the process is slightly different. We donate some money for their health and living expenses. WWF Indonesia is one of the places that provide programs so animal companions. We can select the animals that we want to start the rhino, elephant, Sumatran tigers and orang-utans. Program among other care rhino, rhino companions, companions tiger and orangutan pal. We just click sites. There, many ways to save an animal, right?

5 Reasons to Adopt Animals Better Than Buy


 dog-groomingYou just got a new dog in the house? It definitely feels happy. All the best things given to him. But a few days later the problems plaguing your mind come. Yes, the new dog your pet will not eat, stress, diarrhea, etc.
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Therefore, to avoid the things above, follow these tips:

1. After you buy a new dog arrives home, he put a quiet place. Do not invite to play first in 2-3 hours. Let him adapt to the new environment.

2. Do not directly be fed, this is often done by the owner of a new puppy. Dogs newly arrived new home if in healthy condition will immediately eat the food given although he still stressed. Should be fed 12 hours after the dog arrived at home. Dogs are directly fed by the time he comes will usually appear a few days later problems, such as hunger strikes.

3. Provide enough food, do not continue to be fed if the portion given is up. A healthy dog ​​will definitely spend eating however much there until his stomach is full. Most food causes diarrhea.

4. The new dog (regardless of age) DO bathed or given the vaccination in advance for approximately one week since he came.

5. The new dog would cry in a few days. When she was crying, leave it alone. This will take approximately 2-3 days.

6. Check the health of your newly purchased dog to the vet or to the nearest veterinary clinic.



dog-foodDo you know? Choosing a pet food for dogs can not be arbitrary, because it can affect their health. Then, how can we know the dog food is good for them. These are tips for choosing a good dog food for our pet dog at home
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1. Protein content
Try to choose a dog food that has a protein content of less than 30%. In tropical countries such as Indonesia, the dog does not require a high protein. Excess protein will result in itching, crooked leg bones such as calcium deficiency, kidney stones, etc.

2. Fat content
Fat content are best for dogs in our country ranges from 12% – 20%. For dogs that are less good digestion, like diarrhea should be selected that low-fat dog food.

3. Do not be influenced excessive promotion of dog food with well-known brands. Because not suitable

4. Select the dogfood the expiration date is still long.

5. The trial period of about 2 weeks, if within 2 weeks not seen the dog food means interference fit.




A healthy bodystartsfromeatinganddrinkingwell. If at this timeyouare running thedietprogram, youshould be moreselective in choosingwhatyou eat. This timeVemalewill sharerecipeshealthy drinkthathasa myriad of benefits. For more details, let’sdirectourmore detaileddescriptionseebelow.
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1 vertebraginger
1 vertebraturmeric(or can be replaced withturmericpowder)
4lemons(3 pieces takenthe juiceand1fruit as agarnish)
3drops ofvanillastevia
1.5liters of water

dietHow To Make
1.Enter theginger, turmericandlemon juicein ajuicer.
2.Mixthe waterwith thevanillaand stir well.
3.Combine allingredients together, add slices oflemon.
4.Let stand about10minutesso…

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A healthy body starts from eating and drinking well. If at this time you are running the diet program, you should be more selective in choosing what you eat. This time Vemale will share recipes healthy drink that has a myriad of benefits. For more details, let’s direct our more detailed description see below.
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1 vertebra ginger
1 vertebra turmeric (or can be replaced with turmeric powder)
1-2 cayenne
4 lemons (3 pieces taken the juice and 1 fruit as a garnish)
3 drops of vanilla stevia
1.5 liters of water

dietHow To Make
1. Enter the ginger, turmeric and lemon juice in a juicer.
2. Mix the water with the vanilla and stir well.
3. Combine all ingredients together, add slices of lemon.
4. Let stand about 10 minutes so that all ingredients are well blended.
5. Drinks can be enjoyed with a mixture of ice cubes.

Ladies, do you know cayenne? Cayenne is a kind of fruit that resemble chili. One of its functions is as a medicinal plant since the 14th century in the interior of South and Central America to help the process of weight loss.

This drink is also a healthy detox drinks. When your body feels tired or less fit, this drink can restore your body back to normal.



rabbitRabbits are one of the mammals are a lot of fans. Not only among small children. Adults up to the parents also love this cute little animal nan. Even rabbits has now attracted the attention of many people to be cultivated. Actually how to care for a rabbit itself is not too difficult. It’s just too fast rabbit growth rate since these animals include animals that easily multiply if treated properly.

1. Clean the cage regularly

2. Create the cage with  sufficient size
A minimum size of 50×50 cm enclosure. Create a food and drink itself with sufficient height can be reached by the rabbit so as not trampled.
Rabbits that are ready to give birth, should be placed in a wider enclosure. Prepare also given a small box with dry grass for warmth and as a place for children newborn rabbits.

3. Rabbit love carrots, grass or water spinach
Besides it can also be fed pellets are usually sold in pet stores. Try to select vegetables that wilt unless rabbit eating its own when released.
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5. Give eat on a regular schedule
The right time is in the afternoon from 18.00 until 07.00 am. Because rabbits usually eat all night. Daylight still be fed but sparingly. Those are some ways to care for rabbits properly so that rabbits can grow well and healthy. If necessary, you can check pet rabbit to a specialist to check their health. Because rabbits are animals which are also susceptible to the disease. One of them is a fungus that has been mentioned above and if the rabbit fungus, rabbits can die. Therefore, it is necessary once you take care of your rabbit in order to grow healthy.